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"New Shoes" featuring Thanks Buddy, the first single from Micah Schnabel's upcoming full length "The Teenage Years Of The 21st Century"



I’m in the kitchen
Doing the dishes
Screaming at the news
I’ve got a bad case of innocent people being murdered
By angry white men blues

A little white guy
Riding a child’s bike
Smashed the window of our car
I watched his little legs pedal away so fast
But he never gets very far

His “only god can judge me” tattoo
Isn’t aging very well
He knows that Isolation and Desperation.
Can be their own form of hell

I'm always searching for empathy
But this toxic masculinity
Is bumming our entire human scene

Me, I’ve been dealing
By eating my feelings
And buying myself new shoes
I tend to be vain and self destructive
When I feel i’ve got nothing to lose

Why do we refuse
to teach little boys
It’s ok to say ”I love you”
Or to say that something is beautiful
And not be referring to someone you’re attracted to

Or that it’s ok to cry
And you don’t need a reason why
you can be sad and angry,
And vulnerable without someone having to die


released March 22, 2019
Micah Schnabel - Vocals, acoustic guitar

Chris Jonsson- Lead guitar and background vocals

Dustin Roth - Drums

Joe Gibeault- Electric rhythm guitar

Brian Gibeault- keys

Mickey Dunegan- Bass

Recorded at Universal Audio Studios in Scott's Valley, CA

Engineered by Olav Tabatabai Noise Eater Recordings



all rights reserved



Micah Schnabel Columbus, Ohio

Micah Schnabel is a singer/songwriter and author from Columbus, Ohio.

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