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Emergency Room

by Micah Schnabel



The newest single from the upcoming record The Teenage Years Of The 21st Century.
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The emergency room at 2am is no place for the soft hearted.
The addicts are addicted the gunshot wounds inflicted
A little girl with her right arm in a sling is cursing and kicking the vending machine.
The patron saint of talking too loud is in the corner doing his thing
And there’s a Mexican lady calming a crying baby in her arms
I leaned over and whispered that I love you
I know that doesn’t change anything

There’s a guy outside smoking a cigarette with an IV in his arm
You squeezed my hand
As they cut up the insurance card
The sirens were sounding and my heart was pounding
I stood there and thought about you dying
I tried to think of some smart things to say
Something like everything’s gonna be ok
But i really hate lying

I hate hospitals
And the way that they smell
like everyone and everything
has been freshly dipped in chlorine
Why does death smell so extremely clean
When the rest of life is so filthy
I feel so helpless and guilty
Knowing we could save you
If we only had the money

The security guard
guards the metal detector by the double doors
Drop your wallets, phones, and keys,
And rosary beads into the the plastic bowl
This is the society we have made
We’re all sick and afraid
And can’t afford to be saved

(I gave them a fake name. I’m not sure if that really works)

If we got jobs that paid Maybe they would let you stay
They could give you the best drugs And we’d be able to pay
And I feel like an asshole when the nurse, he calls your name
And you’re still crying from the pain
There’s no money in survival Just hoping to wake up the next day
Why would these Methodists go and hang up a crucifix
I pointed at it and said
I can’t believe we both used to date that guy
We both laughed and wiped the tears from our eyes
It’s only life after all


released November 13, 2019
Bass- Mark Miller

Drums- Ben Miller

Electric Guitars- Jay Gasper


all rights reserved



Micah Schnabel Columbus, Ohio

Micah Schnabel is a singer/songwriter and author from Columbus, Ohio.

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